Best foods business ideas for Chennai

food business registration in Chennai

Why it is best to think about food business ideas?

The restaurant business is booming in Chennai in recent years, the reason behind this is city population is nowadays preferring to complete a meal in a restaurant after a tired work routine, rather than cooking after late hours. Most families are having the majority of working people, and it was a time-consuming and tedious activity to cook after office hours at home.

Food kiosks that serve evening snacks, dinner, and late-night dinners are thriving because of heavy demand and people are looking for options and never prefer to eat the same thing a week alone.

So in the above two paragraphs, you would have concluded to invest and earn profits, but wait till you have some expertise in any of the core activities in this business, start with low investment, our suggestive investment is a Maximum of Rs2,00,000.

How to start a restaurant business in Chennai?

You can go ahead to start a food business in Chennai with any of the ideas below.

  1. Cheap food at an affordable cost.
    2. More quantity.
    3.  Tasty food ignoring health perspective.
    4.  Innovative food ideas.
    5.  Traditional food preparations.
    6.  Organic food shop.
    7.  Night restaurant.
    8.  Fine dining experience.
    9.  Concept dining.
    10. Fast foods.
    11. Online food vendor.
    12. Make-to-order food vendor.
    13. Western food items.
    14. Street foods.
    15. Daily food supply.
    16. Takeaway restaurant.
    17 Buffet

Key success factor in the restaurant business.

  1. Maintain consistent quality and quantity
    2. Provide the same taste.
    3. Provide combos.
    4. Master the art of proper service.
    5. Keep the place clean.

Registration is required to start the food business in Chennai

1. FSSAI – Food safety registration
2. register company name for the legal establishment
3. Corporation license
4. Open a bank account.
5 Open accounts with partners like swiggyzomato, uber eats, etc.
6. Apply to register GST if you are covered under GST.
7. If there are no financial constraints, apply for ISO registration