Cancellation of GST registration

Cancel or surrender GST registration number in Chennai by filing GST cancellation application and GSTR-10 final return filed by experienced GST expert.

Service information

  1. GST cancellation application.
  2. GSTR-10 final return.
  3. Review of other pending compliances required.

What are the details required for GST cancellation ?

  1. GST login credentials.
  2. Details of supply provided for filing pending returns.
  3. Reason for cancellation
  4. Details of known non-compliance.
  5. Details of pending manual notices, if any.
  6. Date from which cancellation is required.

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    Why should we cancel GST registration number ?

    Every GST registered dealers should file GST monthly returns or quarterly returns as applicable to them, incase of some dealers where there is required to be discontinued for several reasons or GST number is not required as per rules then it is wise to application for GST number cancellation. In case of new GST registration, one of the requirement is there should not be any pending GST registration number with defaults. So surrender of GST number by proper GST cancellation process will provide smooth approval of GST registration number in future.



    Steps to Register


    Preliminary discussion with the client is undertaken to understand the reason for GST cancellation and if cancellation is required we will proceed to the next step, else alternative recommendations are provided to the client.

    Brief Compliance audit

    A brief compliance audit will be conducted by verification through GST login to ensure there is no major case or discrepancies pending.

    Filing pending GST returns

    All pending GST returns and payment towards reversals of ITC availed in stock of inputs, finished goods, work in progress will be completed

    Filing GST cancellation application

    Once all the pending returns are filed up to the date of filing, GST cancellation is completed, application for GST cancellation is filed with relevant particulars.

    Tracking and follow ups

    After submission of application, status of cancellation application will be tracked in regular intervals for status updates.

    Filing final return

    Final return after approval of GST cancellation is filed with the department containing particulars such as payments of taxes required as per rules.

    From Auditor DESK

    Filing of GST cancellation application is critical if business is discontinued or GST number is not required. Even if GST registration number is cancelled by the department for non filing of returns etc, it is mandatory condition to file final return and pending returns.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We make it easy for you to find the answer to frequently asked questions here...
    Your GST registration number may be cancelled by the officer for continuous non-filing of 6 months for monthly returns for regular dealers and continuous 3 quarters for composite taxable person.
    It is not mandatory for the officer to cancel the GST registration number if the return is not filed for 6 months, it is at the discretion of the officer, however, the process of sending notices for GST cancellation is automated in order to reduce no of inactive GST number and administrative works of department.
    We request you to be more cautious, and please proceed to application for GST cancellation or file pending returns up to date, the penalty will be added up based on no of delays, so the more time you delay filing returns, the amount of penalty will increase
    There is no penalty for filing a cancellation application, however, a cancellation application can be filed only if all pending returns are filed with a penalty for delayed filing of GST returns where ever applicable.
    Once the application is received by the officer he should either approve or seek other information within 30 days. In case any query is raised, the same shall be responded to in 7 working days.
    Once the process of cancellation of GST registration number is initiated by the officer on a suo-motto-cancellation basis, the GST number will be placed under suspension mode. During this period of suspension, the dealer shall not issue any invoices or credit notes, etc.
    Filing of the final return within 3 months is mandatory after the cancellation of GST registration, failure to file a final return after GST cancellation will attract a penalty of Rs.200/day, which may extend up to Rs.10,000.