Digital signature certificate in Chennai

DSC (Digital signature) is an electronic form of authentication of online documents, it is equivalent to a physical signature of a person.  Documents attested or attached with a Digital signature are required for several kinds of registration and return filings. Towards digitization, the central Govt had initiated the use of Digital signatures in all possible manners.

How to apply digital signatures?

Digital signature application for individual is processed in online mode using Aadhaar based Aadhaar authentication process, or PAN based digital signature online application. Once the application is submitted, there are several steps to be followed, as listed below.

What are the documents required for digital signature processing

  1. PAN copy
  2. Passport size photo
  3. Aadhaar card copy
  4. E- Mail ID and Mobile no for OTP process.


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    Steps to Register

    Validation of documents

    Documents received from the clients are validated before submitting the DSC application

    Application submission

    DSC application is submitted to certifying authority that issues DSC through aadhaar OTP authentication or OTP sent to registered mobile no

    Video verification

    Once the application is submitted with documents, the client will receive a link for video recording from the certifying agency. Clients are required to read the contents displayed in the window and show the proof provided for the application.


    Once Video verification is successful, the application will be sent for final approval to the certifying agency

    Downloading the certificates

    Once the DSC application is approved, the DSC file is downloaded to the secured token device


    DSC token will be despatched to the client's correspondence address or alternatively, they can collect it from our office.

    From Auditor DESK

    Individual DSC applications should always be applied in a PAN-based process to avoid name mismatch in PAN and Aadhaar.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We make it easy for you to find the answer to frequently asked questions here...
    The digital signature certificate is an electronic file used to authenticate documents online for submission to various government departments. With the introduction of paperless processing of government applications, there is a need for authentication of electronic documents, with the help of digital signature it is possible to sign documents on a computer and upload them for processing.
    Digital signature validity in 2-year and 3 years options, and there is a minor cost difference between for extra validity. We suggest you go for dsc with 2 years validity options to avoid token software issues and faults. Avoid renewal of digital signature to use the latest digital signature token. 
    Digital signature application is a completely paperless process, there are two methods to apply DSC first one is through the Aadhaar OTP process in which name and address are auto fetched form aadhaar database, In second method DSC is applied in PAN-based process in which all data is manually entered.
    Generally, we can classify digital signatures as, with encryption and without encryption. I can also be classified based on usage of DSC so it is always recommended to make sure the use and type of digital signature before application.
    Guidance on how to use digital signatures will be given on respective government websites, and digital signatures can be used to sign the documents successfully only if all the necessary settings had been made in the system. Your system should have prescribed Java settings with mentioned version, internet browser settings, and recommended Java version. Please get assistance from your income tax consultants, GST tax consultants, and company registration consultants.
    The digital signature token should be safeguarded properly, and the password should be changed immediately as soon as you receive the signature token. If you had lost your digital signature token, kindly intimate your digital signature agent for processing your digital signature cancellation request.