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GST online registration application.

Documents required for GST registration

  1. Pan card of individual or partners or directors.
  2. Address proof of individual or partners or directors.
  3. Passport size photo.
  4. Pan card of business
  5. Rental agreement or sale deed for business address.
  6. Latest electricity bill or corporation tax receipt of business premises.
  7. Filled up checklist

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    What is GST Registration ?

    GST is tax collected on sale of taxable goods or on providing taxable service. Collection of GST is based on concept of value addition, tax amount is paid by the dealer only on the value added by them. Collection of GST on each stage is ensured by the process of granting input tax credit on supplies received. There are different rates of taxes in GST, generally things which comes under necessity is taxable at lowest rate. The GST number is prefixed with state code, which enables the state government to assess GST revenue generated from the state.


    Steps to Register

    GST registration consultation

    As a first step in GST registration, inputs from the client is gathered for the proper filing of GST application in the appropriate category


    Supporting documents such as authorization letters, NOC, rental agreement utility bills are checked and validated for fast and easy approval.

    Filing for GST applcaition

    GST registration application filing will be completed by the OTP process, we only use the client's e-mail ID and mobile no for OTP for the convenience of the client.

    Aadhaar authentication process

    Aadhaar authentication process is mandatory for GST registration, if it is successful then the registration application is required to be processed without physical inspection.

    Generation of ARN

    On successful submission of GST application with Aadhaar authentication or without Aadhaar authentication, an application reference number (ARN) is generated for tracking of application status.

    Tracking of GST application

    GST registration application tracking is done from the 4th working day after getting the ARN number. This will help us get a quick update even if the client misses the e-mail from the department.

    GST approval

    On approval of the online GST registration application, the certificate will be downloaded and e-mailed along with the user ID and password to the client email ID

    GST compliance consultation

    After completing the GST registration process, the client will be provided with information on applicable GST returns, invoice format, e-wall bill, and maintenance of records under the GST Act.

    Important information one should know before the application for GST  registration

    • GST registration application is a completely online process, submission of all documents and information is done through the GST portal online. There is no requirement to visit the GST department, as all the process is routed through an online process applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis by the department so chances of faster approval by pushing in front of a queue are not possible
    • GST registration is mandatory for all dealers who deal with interstate sales of goods and services, export of goods and services, carrying on the business using the brand name of others, etc. Therefore, the question of turnover limit for GST registration does not arise in these cases, even startups need to register for GST if they fall under this category.
    • Regarding voluntary GST registration, which is also called optional GST registration, dealers should consider the benefits of GST registration over the additional tax burden on sales value. Optional registration most of the time is preferred for businesses engaged in B2B business where it is necessary to possess a GST number to make a sale to other businesses
    • The composition scheme of GST registration is widely seen only in food business operators as GST paid on food products is eligible for the input tax credit in a general sense, so the buyer of food for human consumption does not differentiate regular suppliers from composition supplier
    • Aadhaar authentication is mandatory for GST registration approval without inspection by the officer, GST application can be authenticated through Aadhaar E-KYC only when name as per pan and name as per the Aadhaar card are the same. This facility can be used only one time, if the validation fails using OPT the link will be deactivated and ARN will be generated for processing through physical verification mode.
    • In case of any previous GST registration is not cancelled properly by the dealer, there will be issues in the application of new GST no application. GSTR-10 final return has to be filed after registration is cancelled by the department on suo-moto basis or cancellation by GST surrender application by the dealer.

    Important compliance that is required after GST registration

    • Filing of periodic GST returns is the first and most important compliance required under the GST Act, late filing of GST returns will have multiple complications including blockage of payment from customers, interest on GST output liability, GST late filing fees, etc.
    • Apart from periodic regular GST returns, annual return in form GSTR 9 is required to be filed on a self-declaration basis if GST turnover crosses Rs.2 crores in the financial year and GST annual reconciliation statement in form GSTR-9C. The penalty for later filing of GSTR-9 is Rs.200 per day, which will build up even to lakhs if not filed on time.
    • Proper reconciliation of ITC for each month is required to be done for an efficient claim of input tax credit and reversal.
    • The input tax credit is auto-populated in GSTR-2B, but we cannot take the entire credit so calculated because there may be some items of the invoice on which a claim of GST credit is not allowed for business, some of such expense item is insurance on a passenger car, purchase of a car, etc.
    • The HSN-wise summary is required for B2B business during the filing of annual returns, so it is recommended to have an HSN summary month-wise during monthly GSTR-1 filing.



    From Auditor DESK

    For the benefit of clients, we advise you to make sure to file GST periodical returns on time. Filing of GST returns is a critical factor in the maintenance of the GST number, if the GST number is not required at any point of time care should be given to apply cancellation of the GST number

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We make it easy for you to find the answer to frequently asked questions here...
    When all documentation is over it takes one working day from our end to submit the GST application online in Chennai, in case the application is validated using Aadhaar e-KYC application will be approved within 7 working days or else the query will be raised, and the query should be responded within 7 working days, on receipt of reply officer will approve or reject within next 7 working days from the date of submission of reply to query
    When the applicant fails to do e-KYC through aadhaar OTP, the proper officer will verify the business address by physical verification, and approval or query shall be raised within 30 days from the date of submission of application for GST registration.
    GST registration is required in the state from which businesses are carried on, for e.g.: if goods are sold from Tamil Nadu to Karnataka GST registration is required only in the state of Tamil Nadu, however, if a dealer in Tamil Nadu sells goods from another branch located in Karnataka then GST registration is required to be applied in Karnataka also, there is no concept of centralized registration in GST
    Yes, application of multiple GST registration is allowed only when there are separate branches for the business in the state for same kind of business
    The person who is liable to register under GST shall apply for GST registration within 30 days from the date of him/her becoming liable to register
    In case of taxpayers who are required to apply within 30 days of becoming liable, the date of registration is the date from which he/she is liable to register under GST if the application is made within 30 days if the application is not made within 30 days the date of registration is the date of grant of certificate of registration by the officer
    Registration of GST for both branches should be applied in the same category, either it should be applied as a composite dealer or as the regular taxpayer for both branches.
    GST registration number is 15 digit PAN based number, so for the normal taxpayer, casual taxpayer, and composite taxpayer PAN is mandatory, however, in case of non-resident and persons who are required to deduct TDS under GST act is not required to have a pan number for application of GST registration on the satisfaction of certain condition
    A casual taxable person is a dealer who does not have a specified place of business in a state or union territory and carries on business occasionally, he/ she should apply for GST registration at least 5 days prior to commencement of business in the state, registration is valid up to 90 days from the date of registration, dealer making application as casual taxpayer need to deposit tax in advance as estimated tax liability
    GST registration can be cancelled by application by the taxpayer, while making such an application is necessary that all returns should be filed up to date of application,  on approval of cancellation or surrender of GST registration number, the input tax credit in electronic credit ledger will cease to exist and expire, the proper officer will send demand notice if he or she is liable to payment of any amount. Final return in form no GSTR-10 shall be filed by the taxpayer with details regarding ITC available, and other details immediately preceding the date of approval of the application for GST cancellation 
    GST return can be filed only after validation through an electronic verification code (EVC) which is sent to the taxpayer’s registered e-mail ID and mobile no, alternatively, the digital signature of the authorized person can be used instead of EVC one time password
    Advance payment of GST can be done by generating challan with the right particulars of tax amount in respective columns, this amount will be credited to electronic cash ledger which can be used further to discharge liability or demand amount for future months