Reactivation of GST number

GST number once cancelled can be again re-activated by the process called “Revocation of cancellation of GST registration number“, the reactivated GST number can be again used as normally used before after filing pending returns. We help to reactivate GST number in Chennai by following appropriate rules and guidelines for GST number re-activation.

How to re activate GST number in Chennai?

The application for revocation of cancellation of GST application to be filed with in 30 days of cancellation of GST registration.  All the pending returns up to the date of cancellation should be filed before filing the application.  Once the pending returns are filed, the application for re-activation is submitted and the same Wil be approved or queries will be raised with in 30 days.

Details required for GST reactivation ?

  1. GST login credentials
  2. Details of sale and purchase invoices, credit notes and other details required for pending return filing.

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    What is GST re-activation ?

    GST reactivation is process by cancelled GST registration number is re-activated with in 30 days from the date of cancellation of GST number. GST reactivation provides limited time option of 30 days to the dealer whose number had been cancelled. It is better to reactivate GST number than new application is case where GST number need to be updated with long vendor re-registration process.  The time limit can be extended up to 90 days, by approval of appropriate authority.



    Steps to Register


    Discussion with the client is conducted to get the details regarding date of cancellation, reason for re-activation and better recommendations will be provided.

    Filing Pending GST returns

    All the pending monthly GST returns will be filed, along with the payment of taxes and late fee applicable for delay in filing the returns.

    Application for re activation

    Application for re-activation of GST number will be submitted after completing all the process required for re-activation eligibility.

    Tracking and follow ups

    As this is a limited time option provided to the dealer, the application will be tracked at regular intervals to check whether any query is raised by the officer.

    Filing of intermediate returns

    Once the GST number re-activation is approved, GST return for the period from the date of cancellation and up to the date of re-activation will be filed with in 30 days of activation of GST number.

    Guidance for proper compliance

    Client will be educated about various rules and regulations to be followed up to avoid cancellation of GST number.

    From Auditor DESK

    Re-activation of GST number is suggested only in certain cases where only use of old GST no is beneficial to the business.

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