Private Limited company registration services are offered by professional and experienced company registration consultants in chennai

Package Includes.
1. DIN application for 2 Directors.
2. Name application will be done in integrated form.
3. Professional fees for drafting MOA and AOA and other incorporation
4. Government fees for the first-time submission.
5. Stamp papers and notary charges for the first-time submission.
6. PAN and TAN

1. Stamp papers charges and notary charges for re-submission.
2. Government fees for re-submission.
3   Additional professional fees and government fees for additional directors.

How to Register new private limited company in Chennai

Starting new Pvt Ltd company can be done with a minimum capital of Rs.1,00,000 which can be in cash or in other assets. Company registration consultants in Chennai will make it possible to register Pvt Ltd in less than 7 working days if all the documents are ready. So if you want your new business registration to be the private limited company you can go ahead with the incorporation process with minimum documentation.

Advantages of Private Limited Company registration

1. Minimum documents required.
2. Easy formation
3. Increased Financial credibility
4. Quick Processing.
5  Branding
6. Easy to gain investors confidence.
7. Good to implement organizational structure.

1.Inclusive of Tamilnadu stamp Duty payable at Tamilnadu.
2.Additional Charges for more than 2 shareholders / Directors.
3.Additional stamp duty payable for others states.
4.Requests received from preferred director/shareholder only will be considered from a registered mobile number or registered mail id, preferred shareholder/director will be allowed only after approval from all other directors or shareholder.
5.Completion time may be delayed due to delay in processing by govt departments etc.
6.All Directors / Shareholders will be verified personally.
7.Approval of name is subject to availability and naming guidelines.
8.Name approval and DIN number will be applied in integrated Spice form and if there are any circumstances to use separate from govt fees should be paid.  
To be provided in application form after placing order

Following  Details of all Directors/ shareholders.
1.Address Proof and ID Proof  as mentioned in document list
2.Nature of business in 30 words (We will redraft this data).
3.Details of Shareholding.
4.Proof of Business Address.
5.Choice of 6 Names.
6. 4 Passport photos of all Director /Shareholder.  

Price range Rs. 1000 to 15000 call us we will explain in detail. ENQUIRY
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Limited liability is one of the features available in Pvt Ltd company which protects personal assets of shareholders from third party claim towards the company and limiting the liability to a maximum of unpaid share capital.
    It depends on your targeted customer, level of your business operations, your business legal risk, finally, it is the cost-benefit analysis of other forms of business.
    There is no restriction on Companies Act 2013 for a person already employed to become a director, generally, this has to be decided on the basis of terms of employment between the employer and the employee.
    The domestic Private limited company falls under a flat rate of income tax of 25 % if gross receipt does not exceed 50 crores else 30 %. Tax is calculated on income after directors remuneration so the net effect is you wont lose any additional tax if there are proper tax planning and compliance.
    In most of the cases it is possible to get your preferable name, but sometimes if the name is too generic or does not qualify under naming guidelines of MCA then we should for another name. In such cases of naming issues, it is recommended to file FORM INC-1 Separately for name approval.
    There is no requirement to meet personally for company registration, the complete registration process can be made by online communication, application form and documents submitted for company registration will be authenticated by Digital signature certificate.

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