GST Return filing

GST returns filing is one of the major compliance in GST compliance, once registration of GST is completed it is mandatory to file periodical GST returns or to surrender GST registration. It involves submission of sales and purchases details with complete details of tax paid and tax charged in the invoice, GST number suppliers, GST registration number of buyer etc.

We take care of complete GST return filing services in Chennai and other parts of the country. File your GST returns on time to avoid penalty and interest cost, increase compliance ratings etc.

G.S.T Return filings involve three steps First step involves updating all the outward sales relating to the month by GST consultant, the second step involves validating inward supplies that are validating purchases, third step involves validating buyer addition and filing final G S T returns. Apart from normal GST return to be filed every month, TDS returns and Quarterly returns for Dealers opting Composite scheme is also there which should be taken care.
1. Clients are expected to submit all the relevant details before 3 rd of every month.
2. Additional Entries processing involves additional charges.
3. Fees quoted is for per return up to 10 entries in case fo GSTR 1.
4. Data should be provided in the excel format given by us. 
1. Details of All sales and Purchases as per prescribed format.
2. Contact details of Person Receiving OTP. 
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    As of now, there are three types of GST Returns for a normal supplier of services or good, GSTR-1 for reporting sales and service provided during the month,  GSTR 3B summary of sales and input tax credit and reversal of ITC.
    You can file only GSTR-1 Return and other forms for reporting sales and supply of services, but you need to pay complete tax including all fees and penalty. Only tax can be paid using input tax credit, fees penalty should be made by actual payment of amount through any of the payments methods. If your filing GST return through you GST returns filings service consultants or agents it is recommended to pay through bank counter. Ask you GST tax return filing consultant to generate challan for payment.
    As per provisions of GST act cancellation of GST number is possible but since it is a new act and system is going on rapid up gradation so still there is no option in GST portal to apply of cancellation of GST. however, we request you to file GST returns regularly until there is an option is enabled and also make use of quarterly return filing options if applicable.
    Invoice for the financial year should be serially numbered, GST invoice is a critical point in proper compliance with GST act. Gst invoice should have all the necessary items as mentioned in GST invoice rules such as proper invoice number, amount of GST shown separately as IGST, SGST or CGST as applicable, taxable value.
    Probably your supplier would not have completed GSTR 1 monthly filing, if due date for filing GSTR 1 had expired then you can claim Input tax credit in next month only if he files before due date.
    Yes sure you can file your GST returns yourself online, when you are clear about everything in GST return filing procedure and data entry,  you can very well opt to file your GST returns, there may be the case of wrong input tax credit utilization and application of reverse charge mechanism. We recommend you to delegate final submission and review to your GST consultant who can provide you best solutions. It is practically impossible to file GST returns yourself if there is numerous invoice for data entry and your business is large with much complications.

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