Proprietorship Registration

Proprietorship business proof can be obtained by Udyam Registration earlier called as udyog aadhaar registration, this document can be used for an opening bank account. We provide you MSME registration service all over India and processes your registration application in a day. We also offer services to update or modification of Udyog Aadhar registration data.

Duration: 1 Day.

Proprietorship firm registration

Proprietorship form of business is a very simplest form of business and most preferred for small business and single owner business. There is no separate legal compliance other than Income-tax Act or respective business laws. It Can be started with the minimum amount of investment.

Income Tax is assessed on the individual capacity.
Easy and quick setup.
Best suitable for unstructured/unorganized business.
Recommended for the business of low risk and minimum capital investment.

1.Delay due to government department server issues.
2.In most of the cases this will be accepted as business proof, and if you are registering for opening bank account we request you to confirm with the bank for acceptance.
3.Requests received from registered mobile number or registered mail id only will be considered.

To be provided in application form after placing order

Following  Details Proprietor.
1.Aadhar Card.
2.Business Address.
3.Nature of business in 10 words.
4.Bank account number Savings/current.
5.Educational Qualification.

Rs. 1,000.00
Expert Guidance to start your business
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    No, Proprietor firm does not have a separate legal identity, pan number of proprietor will be used for filing income tax returns, there is no difference in income tax act and gst act for business in individual name or Proprietorship business name. As in the case of partnership firm or private limited company, they cannot take a salary for the proprietor.
    Yes, registration of MSME for proprietary concern does not give you right over the name as a brand, you need to apply for trademark if you need to protect your brand, there is no legal restriction for someone to use your business name.
    udyam MSME registration does not require renewal, we insist only to update any changes in udyam MSME registration details and moreover it does not have any validity, once you had registered you can use it lifelong.
    There is no separate registration for establishing proprietorship firm, MSME registration or Udyog aadhar or SSI registration can be used as the business registration certificate. It is not compulsory to register your proprietor firm with MSME, for practical purpose and bank account opening it is recommend to go with Udyog aadhar registration. Application for gst registration is not suggested for an opening bank account, you can find a bank which will help you open current account with Udyog aadhar
    Udyam MSME registration is not required to be canceled and it is simple certificate does not have regular compliance requirement, you just need to update MSME certificate details if there are any changes, and there is also no requirement to cancel MSME registration. MSME registration is not the authority given to carry on business it is sort of intimation to the government about the commencement of business.
    You dont need to submit any documents for udyam registration, we will send you our udyam checklist and those details are sufficient for registration of msme, we will issue a soft copy or hard copy of your registration certificate. Complete entire process in the online medium and no need to worry about spending time on travel.

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