Income tax Salary Return filing

Income tax salary return filing

Get our professional income tax salary return filing solutions for salary employee. Income tax return filing will be taken care by experienced tax consultants and reviewed for proper submission of salary details, we also guide you to take deduction like life insurance, medical and other deductions.

It is easy to file your tax returns by just filling our simple questionnaire and submitting form 16 along with other requested details.

Income tax on salary is generally deducted from salary in form of TDS, Filing of income tax return is mandatory for all salaried person if their Total Income is Above basic exemption limit.
Income tax return filing is compulsory for all employees having any other income and total income exceeds Basic Exemption Limit. In Some case Employee may not have reported other income, eligible income tax deductions and the employee would have paid the higher tax. So to claim your excess tax deducted you should file income tax returns. 

1.The package does not include  Tax Planning.
2.The package does not include other income tax compliance for other types of income.
3.If there is Refund Refund tracking, charges of Rs.250 Charged Extra. This will cover online tracking of your refunds for 1 year from the date of filing the returns and status will be updated each quarter           end This package includes basic check and claiming eligible deductions.

4 .In the case of Income tax returns with response to notices will be charged additionally for proceedings.

To be provided in application form after placing order   Following  Details of all partners.
1.Form 16.
2.Bank statement for the financial year.
3.Pan details E Filing Login Credentials.   

Rs. 1,000.00
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Calculate your taxes considering all other income including house property rental income, income from freelancing and income from the sale of house property of land. If the calculated tax is more than the TDS deducted pay the difference amount as self-assessment taxes and if it less than TDS file income tax returns to claim TDS.
    Yes, it is not the much-complicated task to file your returns by yourself for salary returns if you have all income and deductions reported to your employer and form 16 reflects the same. All calculations will be already available in form 16 itself so you don’t need to worry about an application of income tax rules, your employer would have already implemented. Please take care selection of proper section for return filing and Assessment year. Wrong selection of section or assessment year would invite notice by assessing officer.
    TDS is deducted by an employer based on your estimated total income and it is recommended to invest properly in profitable options like Housing loans, Life insurance other than ULIPS, Mediclaim, etc. It is not a healthy practice to make investments for the sole purpose of tax savings, invest only in options where you can get suitable benefits for you.
    Maybe your employer is not covered under TDS provisions in case he is a proprietor and his turnover is less. We suggest you request salary in a bank account and file income tax returns on time because basic proof of income for a salaried person is Form 16, so in the case where you don’t have form 16 it is recommended to keep alternative documentary income proof like salary credits on bank and file income tax returns.
    Generally, an employer should collect details about previous employment for tds deduction and implement in form 16 as salary from the previous employer, but practically there will be some delays in getting form 16 from the previous employer when the resignation is near the end of the financial year because of employee welfare settlement like pf and other payments. We recommend you to report all details regarding previous employment to the new employer so that you can save fees you pay on income tax salary returns filing consultants.
    FORM 16 is a statement given by employers to an employee as per income tax rules regarding the amount of tax deducted and details of components in salary. Consider a situation where your total income crosses Rs.5,00,000, then it is mandatory to file income tax returns even if your employer deducted TDS. Income tax department may send you to notice required to file income tax returns.

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