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GST Registration in a week with the help of our professional GST experts. We assure to process your application with an appropriate and suitable category based on your turnover, nature of business etc.

Submit GST application in 2 days and get it approved in 3- 7 working days all over India.

Professional Fees for GST Registration.

Duration: Submission of GST registration application within 2 working days

GST Registration is Mandatory for providing taxable services or trading in goods if the total turnover in any financial year crosses Rs.20,00,000. Practically G.S.T registration will smoothen business transactions with registered G.S.T Dealers

Optional GST registration can be done to claim input tax credit on purchases, after completion of GST registration it is important to take care of compliance activities like GST returns filing, proper invoicing and accounting.

1. Out of pocket Expenses if any shall be borne by Client.
2. There may be some Delay in G.S.T registration due to Network issues etc.
3.Approval for resubmitted applications takes additional time
1. Passport Size Photo of Proprietor/ All Partner /All Director
2. Rental agreement or sale deed copy for Business address.
3. Latest Electricity bill for business address
4. Details of Products or Services.
5. Filled up Checklist.
6. Mobile no,  E-mail ids of all partners/ directors.
7. Digital signature in case if the applicant is Private Limited Company.
8. Pan Copy, Address Proof of proprietor/all partners/ directors.  
Rs. 1000
Express processing
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes physical verification is ordered mandatorily only when Aadhaar validation fails, in such case application is approved only after verification
    There is no restriction on optional gst registration however it is recommended to apply in optional category only if there is benefits associated with it.
    Yes , but as per GST act all sales by GST registered dealer should be only with GST , so in such case there will be advantage only if goods are purchased price lesser than gross price of registered dealer, your profitability will affect based on your source of suppliers, you can get input tax credit for goods purchased with GST, and practically unregistered dealers are not selling goods at the price lesser than gross price of registered gst dealer.
    GST Cancellation application can be submitted only after 1 year from the month of registration, however it can be cancelled by GST department anytime for non filing of returns for continuous period of 6 months
    GST registration is mandatory for e commerce supplier of goods even if turnover does not crosses threshold limit
    GST registration is mandatory for  e commerce supplier of services only if turnover crosses threshold limit and for suppliers mentioned in section 9(5) it is not mandatory even if turnover crosses threshold limit
    non resident taxable service provider or seller of goods, e commerce supplier, intrastate supplier, person supplying to SEZ
    No, Once GST registration is granted supplier of services or goods cannot issues bills without GST , invoice should contain all information prescribed for as per gst invoice rules and format.
    There is no Expiry date for GST registration except casual tax payer, however your registration will be cancelled if there are certain defaults by the tax payer
    GST registration is mandatory for interstate sale irrespective of turnover and  same applies to export of goods
    Yes you can have more than one GST registration certificate but you should qualify for the same in terms of different nature of business, and this is called as different business verticals under GST. So in nutshell, you cannot have more than one gst in the same state for the same type of business
    Dealer can apply for composition scheme only if gross turnover is Rs.1.5 crores for dealer  in goods and 50 lakhs for service provider during previous financial year. You can also read “GST REGISTRATION UNDER COMPOSITION SCHEME” for more details
    Registration not required even if turnover crosses threshold limit





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