Partnership firm renewal annual return and ammendment with registrar of firm

partnership ammendement deed registration

Partnership firm registration is one of the flexible and cost-effective business structures for startups and established businesses, fewer compliances are only required to keep the partnership registration active with the registrar or firms. The government of Tamil Nadu had made most of the forms to be filed with the registrar of the firm in online mode.

Only registered partnership firms can file the required returns and forms to the registrar of firms, these forms are required to be filed with the registrar of firms to update the register of firms regarding modification, etc.

Application for issue of partnership registration login credentials

Those firms who had applied for partnership firm registration before 2021 will not have a separate login for their firm, to file various forms with the registrar of forms login is required. Therefore, those firms that do not have login shall apply to the issue of login with the registrar of firms.

The login ID generation application should be submitted by all the partners of the firm. On verification of the application, login will be issued to the registered e-mail ID provided in the application form for partnership firm login.

We can also download the FORM-C firm registration certificate in a new format after login is issued, all the process needs to be carried out through login once the login is issued.

Annual return for partnership firm

Every partnership firm should file an annual declaration with the registrar of the firm before the end of June of the succeeding financial year, this is the declaration informing the registrar of the firm that the firm existed during the financial year.

The annual return is the mandatory document to be filed every year, in the case the annual return is not filed within in due date penalty of Rs.25 is payable for every 3-month delay in filing the annual return.

All other forms and applications will be approved only if the annual return of the partnership firm has been filed up to date, in cases where the annual return is not filed continuously penalty will be very high for filing delayed annual returns.

Application for change in partners

Where there is a change in partners by the admission of a new partner or removal of an existing partner, the same should be updated with the registrar of the firm by applying a change in the constitution of the firm. Once the application for change in the constitution of the firm is approved, only active partners can sign all the forms.

Documents required for change in the constitution of the firm

  1. Partnership amendment deed for removal of partner.
  2. Partnership amendment deed for admission of a partner.
  3. Notarized application for change in the constitution of the firm.

How to prepare an amendment deed for admission and removal of a partner?

Partnership amendment deed should refer to the original partnership agreement and previous amendment deeds already executed with the particulars of the date and name of the amendment deed.

In case of removal of a partner in a firm having only two partners, the first new partner should be admitted before the removal of the partner, this is to ensure that the minimum limit of 2 partners is maintained at all times. If the partner is removed first, then the firm will legally cease to exist, as there is no minimum no of partners.

Reference to the profit sharing ratio clause and the capital clause should be given explicit reference in the partnership firm amendment deed. In case the registered address is in the state of Tamil Nadu, the amendment deed should be executed in the 100 rupees stamp paper, signed by all the partners and 2 witnesses.

Application for change in the registered address of the firm

Where the registered address of the firm is required to be changed, the application for the principal place of business change should be filed for updating the register of firms with the current and new address of the partnership firm.

Documents required for amendment deed for change in address of the firm

  1. Amendment deed for change in the registered address.
  2. Application for change in the registered address of the firm notarized properly.

How to prepare an amendment deed for change in the business address of a partnership firm

Partnership amendment deed for change in business address should be executed only after the date of the initial rental agreement, this ensures that the rental agreement gives an additional layer of legal validity.

It is suggested to add the business address as per the address available in TNEB database, to ensure that there will not be any mismatch between the address as per TNEB login and the partnership amendment deed.

GST registration will be approved, only if the address as per TNEB, address as per rental agreement, address as per partnership amendment deed is common.

Similarly, a change in the address of the branch also be applied to the registrar of firms by application for change in branch details.

Application for change in partner details

Change in details of the partners such as the address of the partner, contact information, or change in any other particulars need to be updated with this application.

It is recommended to add the partner’s name without initials and add the father’s name instead, as per legal documentation guidelines name of the father should be added along with the name of the person.

Application for dissolution of partnership firm

Dissolution of the partnership firm means permanently closing the business of the partnership firm in legal terms, this is the last step where the business is required to be closed due to any situation.

Application for dissolution of the partnership shall be filed with the registrar of firms, with particulars such as the date of dissolution and date of filing the last annual return, along with the partnership dissolution deed signed and notarized by all the partners.

How to get FORM-A for a partnership firm?

What is FORM-A for a partnership firm?

FORM- A is the statement provided by the registrar of the firms for the applicant, it is the statement containing the list of partners, the date of joining of each partner, the date of removal of each partner, and particulars of annual returns filed. In simple words, it contains details of all amendments made during the life cycle of the firm and when the last annual returns are filed.

This form is required for application to government tenders, vendor signup with corporates, and high-value loans from financial institutions, it serves as an authenticated document issued by the registrar of firms regarding the change in partners, and change in other details of the firm.

Only a manual application can be made for getting FORM-A from the registrar of firms, the application shall be made along with requisite government fees, on verification of the application registrar will issue FORM-A with the manual signature of the registrar and one other authorized officer.

How to apply application for any amendment in a partnership firm?

Application can be made through the Tamil Nadu registration department portal with prescribed fees, and wherever required physical application and other documents are required to be submitted to the registrar of firms.

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