Filing TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) Returns should be filed with in one month from the end of each Quarter(For Quarter Ending 31 st March it is Before end of May). If TDS returns are filed after due dates there will be a penalty of Rs.100  for each day of delay. We will help you to file TDS returns in prescribed to Processing center before due date for filing tds returns.     
1.TDS (Tax Deducted At Source) is form or tax deduction on income at time of payment or credit to the party concerned as may be applicable.
2.TDS Provisions are Mandatory for Private Limited Company , Partnership Firm, For Proprietor Ship firm it is applicable only for TAX audit Assesses.
3.There are Number of TDS Provisions which requires professional approach for proper compliance and deduction.
4.TDS Returns are to filed on Quarterly basis and payment on monthly basis or Quarterly basis depending on type of Deductor.
5.There will be penalty , interest for non compliance of TDS provision.
1. Fees Quoted is For Per Quarter up to 10 Entries. Additional Entries chargeable.
2. Separate Return to be filed for salary TDS Deduction.
3. TDS Payment shall be made upfront, we do not take responsibility to pay TDS form our account on credit.
4. Errors and Notices sent be depts. shall be forwarded to us with in 3 days of receipt of the same to enable us to take alternative action.
5. Pan datas should be provided properly.
6. Procession salary deductions , exemptions calculation will be charged extra. 
1. Deductee Details in prescribed format with all relevant details.
2. Details of TDS already paid for relevant period.
3. Details of previous filed TDS return copy.
4. Login Credentials of traces if already created.   

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