Digital signature certificate commonly called as DSC is implemented in various government department applications submission to avoid physical documents, and at the same time for the purpose of authentication of the identity of applicant digital signatures are used to substitute manual authentication through the electronic mode of validation.

Types of Digital signatures

  1. Class 2A Digital signature – Issued to the individual to carry on authentication process of Income tax returns submissions, MCA company registration process, and compliance, import export code application, ESI or EPF registration.
  2. Class 2A Digital signature is generally referred as class 2 dsc, import export code digital signature, gst digital signature, mca digital signature.
  3. Class 2B Digital signature: It is same as a class 2A digital signature but it was issued in the name of the organization as primary applicant generally these digital signatures are used by government offers for issuing a certificate of registration and commonly referred to as government digital signatures.
  4. Class 3A Digital Signature: It is issued to Individual for the purpose of online e-tender application, also called a digital signature for e-tender application
  5. Class 3B DSC: Same as Class 3A, however, it is issued as class 3 digital signature for the organization. Generally, the application can be made as a digital signature for partnership firm,  private limited company, a digital signature for proprietary concern.
  6. DGFT Digital signature: DGFT DSC certificate is issued for carrying various process for import and exports except for import export code registration.

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