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Pan card Application services in Chennai

We offer you pan card application At best ever price. Why go to local shops, browsing centers, for filing your pan card application, this may lead to the improper entry of your names and other data. We offer pan card services in Chennai, as your pan card agents in Chennai we also make sure to correct Wrong data in the pan by application for correction of pan data. Pan card application is very simplest process yet care should be taken.

PAN (Permanent Account Number) is allotted by Income tax department, possessing of more than one pan is not allowed and it may invite penalty. Quoting of PAN is compulsory for specified transactions and deposit in a bank account for the amount of Rs.50000 and above. PAN card also serves as ID card in many places. PAN Number is Mandatory for Filing Income tax Returns and all type of Business Registration and it is pre – Requisite in many places.
1. Charges are inclusive of an application fee payable to processing Centre.
2. We are Not responsible for Delay by Department in allotting Pan Number or dispatching card.
3  Applicant should keep track or pan card dispatch status and follow up with local courier partner of the department.
4. In case of pan correction, we are not responsible for rejection.
5. In case of data match with any other pan, we charge extra to do the additional process.
1. Pan Application Form
2. Address Proof as mentioned.
3. Id Proof as mentioned.
4. Date Of Birth Proof as Mentioned.
Rs. 300.00
File your Income Tax Returns at 10 % discount.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    As per Income Tax Act application for more than one pan is prohibited and may invite a penalty of Rs.10,000. If you miss your pan card we recommend you to apply for duplicate pan card using same pan number.
    Generally, it will take 15 – 20 Days for receiving new pan card from the date of application with the pan facilitation center. If it is an application for changes in pan data or duplicate pan it may take more time up to 40 days depending on the nature of correction requested, and you will be getting new pan card even though you had applied for correction in pan data.
    Yes, only for proprietary concern it is not possible to get pan card in a business name, for all another form of business it is possible to get pan card in a business name, the Application fee for pan card in a business name is as same of pan card application for individual applicants. PAN card for business will not be used as the identity for business it is just used for tax purposes but for individuals, it will be accepted as Identity proof.
    No, we are here to help you with the pan application process so you need to only sing at the relevant place in the application form, we will take care of form filling activities to make you worry about the correctness of application form.
    As per experience, we recommend manually filing of an application through any of pan card registration consultants to avoid rejection and to reduce courier charges to another state for rectification of errors, We also suggest you change the minor status of pan card after attaining an age of 18.
    No, PAN stands for Permanent account number which is primarily used as tax identification number in filing income tax returns, paying income tax, and entering into transactions require quoting of PAN Number. Paying Income tax without PAN number is like depositing money in a bank account with quoting account number. Both things are not possible.

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