One Person Company registration

One Person or OPC Company Registration Includes DIN, Digital Signatures, One Name Approval application , PAN, TAN.
Duration – 15  to 20 Working Days.

Package Includes
1. Notary charges.
2. Stamp papers.
3. MOA AOA drafting Fee.
4. Applicable govt fee for 1 Lakh Authorised capital.

One Person Company is a new form of Business similar to Private Limited company, the drawback of the minimum requirement of 2 shareholders in private limited company is removed from one person company. And the main Drawback is it may be difficult to obtain another license after Registration compared to Private Limited Company. One Person Company gives the advantage of single ownership with complete corporate structure and separate legal entity status. Complete flexibility over business decisions and control.  
1.  Additional Fees for Additional Name approval application.
2.  Change of Details once process initiated requires additional documentation charges etc.
3.  Time Frame is Subject to MCA Portal Network Stability and department processing time.
4.  Additional Charges applicable for resubmission if any.
Following  Details of all Directors/shareholders.
1. Address Proof and ID Proof  as mentioned in document list
2. Nature of business in 30 words (We will redraft this data).
3. Nominee ID proof and address proof
4. Proof of Business Address.
5. Choice of 6 Names.
6. Filled checklist.
Complimentary GST registration
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The is no difference in terms of tax and compliance procedure , the only advantage of one person company registration it does not require two people to start a new private limited company, we recommend to go for regular private limited company with minor share to any other person for adding as a member and this wont liquidate your control in the private limited company.
    It can be opened only by a natural person and by an Indian citizen, the nomination is compulsory for OPC registration in India. Paid up capital should not exceed Rs. 50 Lakhs and there is no minimum capital requirement in OPC. Conversion OPC is not possible on a voluntary basis and 2 years should have expired from the date of registration of OPC. Turnover should not cross Rs.2 Crore, if paid up capital or turnover crossed the specified limit, OPC should convert to Private limited.
    We suggest you go for LLP due to low setup cost, minimum ROC compliance, an option to have more than two partners. If you are looking for business expansion with admission one more person it will be a complicated task in OPC because there is timing limit for conversion. As an expert in Business startup advisory services, we suggest you go to LLP for its advantage cost benefits and power packed features.

    Yes, the filing of income tax returns for OPC and all rules are same as regular Pvt limited company registration, you have complied with TDS provisions and all other income tax rules applicable for the private limited company. You dont need to look for what is the income tax compliance for OPC just follow what is applicable to a private limited company from income tax act viewpoint and GST viewpoint.
    Limited liability with single ownership, minimum ROC compliance and there is no need to conduct the annual general meeting as obvious fact. Single ownership gives powerful decision making for an owner, easy to sell as there is no requirement to get an approval of other shareholders. Better suitable startups who are willing to sell after business growth.
    Compulsory conversion of OPC to private limited or public limited within 6 months from the date of raising paid-up capital of Rs.50 lakhs or average turnover during previous 3 financial years is more than Rs. 2 crores. Voluntary conversion can be done only after expiry of 2 years from the date of registration.

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