True purpose for company name registration

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Top 5 Reasons for company name registration

1. Branding.

2. Gives a good impression to customers.

3. wipes out the impression of the small company in minds of outsiders.

4. Help to create goodwill and will be easy for customers to refer.

5. Virtual separation of business owner and business.

What is the main purpose to register a business name?

Registration of a business name will serve two purposes, the first one is for establishing the legal form and the second one is to protect your brand.

Application for company name registration online by MSME is a simple process and starts with application for Udyam registration which was also called MSME registration, and to register company name for the partnership there is a step-by-step process in which the first step is the execution of partnership deed and then proceeding to partnership firm registration with the registrar of firms, choice of name is not a major issue in registration of partnership firm. But for a private limited name company and LLP registration getting the desired name is a bit complicated, all rules have to be followed strictly for approval of the name.

If you apply for company name registration, it will not protect your brand name, it can be used by competitors. Your competitors can imitate your brand name, so the better choice is to apply for a trademark if your marketing strategy is based on establishing the brand.

Business name registration agents in Chennai will guide you through the entire process for new business name registration along with guidance for further processing.

So in a nutshell to start a business register a company name and for protecting your business name register your brand name by trademark.

How to choose a new business name?

1. We recommend that the choice of a unique business name will make approval faster and easy.

2. It should convey your nature of the business.

3. Easy to pronounce, spell, and write.

4. Too much long name is not preferable.

5. The name should not imitate your competitors.