Digital signature for e tender

Class 3 dsc digital signature for e tender

We provide Class 3 DSC registration services for e-tender mainly used for government tenders. We are experts in the Digital signature and processed over 1000 Applications.

we will guide you through the entire process from initial application submission and final e token delivery.

Duration – 2 Days.

With the implementation of digital India initiative digital signature is widely used in the majority of government e tenders application, there is a different variety of digital signature among which class 3 type with encryption is accepted for most of the e tenders.

1. The digital signature application can be processed only after all the relevant documents are submitted.

2. In case of video verification or biometric process applicant is requested to be available at nearest location or can visit our   processing centers

3. After registration details cannot be changed
4. This does not include support for E-Tender or system settings for E-tender website, the client may contact relevant department it cell for system settings or refer to help documents.

5. In case of Aadhar or Biometric process applicant name as per Aadhaar only can be registered.

Details Required
1. Pan copy
2. Aadhaar card
3. E mail id and mobile no   
Rs. 3000
Online paperless processing available
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    No, for e-tendering of government tenders digital signature of type class 3 with encryption is required, the digital signature for income tax is class 2 so you will not be able to use it for e-tender purpose. In most of the times, e-tender is made in the name of an organization so if you already have class 3 certificate in your personal name you need to apply for the new certificate in your organization name.
    Your digital signature token can be used as many times until your digital signature has validity and token is working properly. There is no limit for number of times to be used , it is a system of authentication issued in file format in special device called as e token valid for specified period. Apply for new digital signature one week before expiry to avoid last minute panic.
    Encryption is the second layer of data security to transfer your data online using technical concepts of the public and private key, a digital signature with encryption is generally used for e tenders when an additional level of security is required to secure data relating to tenders.
    It is important point to inform your digital signature consultant about your requirement for digital signature in your organization name. Your e tender may be rejected if correct digital signature is not used while application for government tender digital signature. Collect details about type of digital signature required from the IT wing of e tender website and apply class 3 dsc without any problems.
    No, the scope of the digital signature service provider is limited to issue of the digital signature with a token, for complete service for your e-tender application we recommend to consult e-tender experts who can guide you in all process of system setting and tender application procedure. Support for system settings related to digital signature is limited to installation of digital signature software present in e token.
    It is an easy process if you have Aadhar card because processing of class 3 DSC using manual form takes a long time as it requires video recording and few another process which will take time to complete. We suggest applying for Aadhar mode of processing in case of organization DSC for fastest processing without any rejection.

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