We are authorized Dealer of Class 2 Digital Signatures, we will help you get you class 2 Digital signature as quick as possible. Proper follow up and guidance to complete verification process. Express processing of your application form in less than 2 Hours. We assure you of dedespatch of dsc on same day or within one business day after we Receive codes to downloads.  General uses - Income tax , MCA, EPF , ESI , IE Code.
DSC (Digital signature) is electronic form of authentication of online documents , it is equivalent to physical signature of a person.  Documents attested or attached with Digital signature is required for several kind of  registration  and return filings. Towards digitization central govt had initiated use of Digital signature in all possible manners. Class 2 Digital signatures is generally purchased with out encryption.    
1. Client should complete tele verification process from His/ Her Number.
2. Signature token will be delivered only to authorized person.
3  For Loss of password after delivery , recovery charges may be applicable.
4. Client should check for password at the time of delivery and necessary arrangements should be made for that.
5. Support for signing/  authentication/ Integration will not be provided.
6. Our responsibility is limited to working of token. 
7. In case of bio metric verification process applicant should be present at our office or facility at mentioned time.
8. Incase of Bio metric verification at applicant place additional charges Rs.250 may at applicable.
9. Incase you need any DSC other than Class 2 Call Us   
1. Signed Application form attested by gazzeted officer.
2. ID Proof and Address Proof.
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1. Extra 10 % Discount on Second Digital signature.  

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