How to sell on amazon , flipkart, snapdeal

With the improvement in logistics services & low cost of shipping selling goods from any corner of the country had become easy. With the development of internet usage and awareness on online purchases customer preferred to purchase standard goods online and some cases e-commerce platform also offers other kinds of products which is available only in certain location.

Traditional and handcrafted items are available only on certain medium & it will be very hard for a customer to reach the seller and vice versa but with the development of e-commerce selling and buying these kinds of goods become easy.

How can you start selling goods online:

We recommend you to add your business with top e-commerce portals in India like Snapdeal, Flipkart, Amazon. Shipping will be the main problem at initial stage if you start your portal, another problem is establishing an e-commerce site is not that easy, you need to spend more than & 1 lakh for simple E-commerce selling Portals.

How can I sell products  online through amazon,flipkart,snapdeal and other medium:

For selling on third-party e-commerce sites you need business proofs and sales tax registration details & other basic details, once you become a seller on the e-commerce sites you will be able to list your product at your preferred price you should upload product description warranty details along with product images.

What are the charges of Flipkart and other sites for Selling?

E-commerce service provider will deduct fees as a percentage of selling price and Shipping charges, you will receive your payout periodically after deduction of all charges and fees.

How can I expand?

Once you are having enough sales & profits earned you can go to your own e-commerce website, advertise through facebook etc and use other internet marketing techniques. By this time you can choose your own logistics service, to ship your goods on your own at reducing costs, having your own e-commerce website will help you to earn more profits.

You Can Contact your Tax Consultant for sales tax registration services or company registration services.   Contact Us if you have any Doubt Regarding Process of Joining in Snap Deal,  Amazon, Flipkart.

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